‘Giuliana & Bill’ Recap: The Couple Chooses A Surrogate

Giuliana and Bill take a huge leap of faith when they decide to go through a gestational carrier to have a baby! While the idea of trusting a stranger to carry their child is scary, they decide it’s their last best option.
With Giuliana Rancic‘s double mastectomy quickly approaching, she and hubby Bill Rancic prep for the daunting surgery by shifting their focus to something much happier — baby plans!

When their doctor suggests they consider surrogacy, Giuliana balks at first. It’s not an option she and Bill have considered, and she admits the idea is foreign to her.

“It’s like a matchmaking service, but youre not finding someone to love, you’re finding someone to carry your child,” she says.

The couple weighs their options in a meeting with professionals from a surrogacy agency, who reassure them that while they’ll have to give up a little control — Giuliana comes to terms with the fact that she can’t REALLY control whether another woman drinks soda or eats transfat while pregnant, for example  – it’s worth it if it means she and Bill can have a baby.

But before they can decide whether they want to try to pursue surrogacy, the couple has


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