‘Glee’ Preview: Watch Darren Criss & Amber Riley Go Disco

Who said disco is dead? On tonight’s all-new ‘Glee,’ the New Directions go back to the ’70s and pay tribute to the bygone era!
This week, you won’t only see a mirror ball on Dancing with the Stars! All the songs featured on the April 17 episode of Glee  — appropriately titled “Saturday Night Glee-ver” — appeared on the soundtrack for the iconic 1977 disco extravaganza Saturday Night Fever. In anticipation, FOX has released two new sneak peeks! Watch the videos below, then vote: Which performance is your favorite?

In the first clip, Mercedes (Amber Riley) rocks feathered hair and knocks The Trampps‘ “Disco Inferno” out of the park. In the second, Blaine (Darren Criss) ditches class and busts his best disco moves to The Bee Gees‘ “You Should Be Dancing.”

Tune in to Glee tonight at 8 pm EST on FOX!

[flv custom_thumbnail="http://youtu.be/RY2R-2QyuPI1334684456358" ]http://youtu.be/RY2R-2QyuPI[/flv]

[flv custom_thumbnail="http://youtu.be/VKHmwPk-_3Q1334684473408" ]http://youtu.be/VKHmwPk-_3Q[/flv]
– Josh Rosenblatt
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