‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily Discovers Another Secret — And A Corpse

Emily is haunted by the ghosts of New Year’s Eve past — and makes a shocking discovery. Just another party at the Grayson’s!
The May 9 episode of Revenge took us back to 2002, right when Amanda (Emily VanCamp) had started reading her father’s journals and discovered the truth. Emily was Amanda, Amanda was Emily, and everyone had really bad hair — except the real Emily, who is just blessed with great hair, whether it’s blonde or brown.

During their annual New Year’s Eve party, in order to learn who threatened to expose the truth, the Graysons invited all of the people involved in framing David Clarke (James Tupper). All the faces Amanda has crossed out with her red sharpie were set to attend this party, and she cleverly worked her way into the serving staff to learn more information.

The flashbacks within the flashback of Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and David finally gave viewers an understanding of their relationship and their love for one another. It’s highly possible that Victoria would have been a little less bitchy had things worked with David, because for once, she actually seemed happy. Another affair was brought to light when Lydia (Amber Valletta)


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