‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily Learns A Secret About Her Father’s Past

Also, am I the only person who though #OccupyDaniel should have trended on Twitter tonight?
Daniel Grayson’s (Joshua Bowman) innocence remained in question on the May 2 episode of Revenge – even though someone else admitted to murdering Tyler. While Daniel remained in prison, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), did a little family research, leading Emily (Emily VanCamp) to a missing journal from the infinity box. And shockingly, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) had been hiding it from her all along! (Now Nolan, you know not to keep secrets from Emily. You’ll eventually regret it.)

Within the journal, David Clarke was revealed to appear paranoid and terrified; he didn’t want his daughter to remember him in that state. Emily stumbled upon the initials CM (or Carole Miller) written by her father, but after cross-referencing records at the hospital, a Carole Miller didn’t exist. A Carole Thomas who matched the description, however, was alive and well, and the woman turned out to have been Conrad’s personal assistant for years.

Naturally, Emily went undercover to get information about Conrad (Henry Czerny) and her father from this woman, who certainly didn’t mind whipping out her shotgun and pointing it at Emily. And as if


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