‘Revenge’ Scoop: Connor Paolo Reveals Declan’s Trial Testimony

Plus, Connor analyzes the differences between Declan and his ‘Gossip Girl’ character, Eric van der Woodsen. Because why not?
After what felt like the longest hiatus in television history, Revenge returns with the final six episodes of the season April 18, and they’re pretty much going to suck for Declan Porter (Connor Paolo.) As the “only semi-sober and clear-headed person” on the beach, Connor tells HollywoodLife.com that Declan’s version of what happened the night of Tyler’s murder will be crucial to the outcome of Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) trial — and the trial will also force him to choose between “the only two people in his life that he loves.”

“Declan and Charlotte are the closest things to witnesses they have,” Connor notes. “They weren’t there for the discharge of the bullet, but they were there for the immediate aftermath. Their testimonies are going to be integral to the trial, especially in developing the theory that there may have been someone else on the beach. And Charlotte’s testimony could very well be skewed and marred by the fact that she’s taking a lot of synthetic heroin.”

Ah, that’s the really tricky part. Will


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